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Dear Professor…

April 2007

Dear Prof. Prendergast,

                I would like to thank you for all the times you have helped me through your classes. Whether it was answering my questions, giving me a copy of one of your books to read, or just to listen to what I had to say about a theory to make sure that I was getting it down all the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes greatly and have told all my friends to take your theory classes. I really never knew theory could be such an interesting class because all my friends that have took it before said it was one of the most “boring” classes.–That’s why I took the theory classes last. Then you came on board as a new instructor last semester and blew the class away with students wanting to go to your class to see what theory and theorist you would talk about that day.

                I am a senior this year graduating in spring.  I get so excited when I say that but I also get excited to know that you will be teaching and intriguing students minds for hopefully many years to come. I will always remember you when I go on to get my Masters Degree in Social Work. I know if I ever need any encouragement or someone to help me with a theory or theorist it will be you because I have your school email handy in my address book.

                I just wanted to say thanks again for opening my eyes up in your theory classes. I like how you have us work in groups and present in groups. It lets all the students see how the groups’ theories and theorists intertwine together. I believe that the students are truly learning about the theory and theorist they have chosen. I know I have and I have enjoyed learning about the theories I choose.  

Sincerely, Christine Peltier

Social Theory class 3400-002


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