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Barry Gerard Prendergast:

I have a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Behavioral Science, with a minor in Human Services (Social Work) and a working certificate in High Risk Youth Studies. My Masters Degree (MA) is in the Sociology and Philosophy of Culture. I am currently writing my PhD thesis in Cultural Studies & the Media.

For the past 10 years, I have worked tirelessly and full-time to better myself and to build a career in education, and I am very proud of my academic accomplishments during this time. I am also very happy and fulfilled in my new profession, teaching and researching in the Social Sciences. I have received first-rate peer and student references during my past ten years in education and it is my goal to continue to strive for excellence in both teaching and academic research. (See some of my references and student responses to my classes and teaching evaluations in the “My Students” link.)

I love to teach – It challenges and inspires me. I always eagerly look forward to each new class and to facilitate the learning process for both myself and my students as we cover the course curriculum together and discover there is always something new to learn. I make a special effort to accommodate and meet each student’s personal academic needs, and on their level of learning.

Part of my enthusiasm for teaching is because I believe 100% in the advantages and need for further and higher education. I, myself, am a product of and have personally benefited enormously from receiving a higher education, even at a more mature stage of my life. I believe education is vitally important to not only personal enlightenment and growth but also for the betterment of the greater society and its culture. Having access to a variety of educational and multi-cultural resources is something I work hard to make available to each of my classes.


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